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First branch


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Double density

100 years!

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Twentieth store

Grupo Cobán was born as a tannery owned by the German Alfonso Herring in San Cristóbal Verapaz, Alta Verapaz. By 1921 a complete workshop for the manufacture of footwear was established.

In the 1950s, a Guatemalan family bought the plant and gave it a new boost. With the acquisition of Miguel Torrebiarte, a special seal was placed on Grupo Coban that endures today

The first branch of Zapaterías Coban is opened, located in zone 1 of the capital, in an area neighboring the Central Train Station.

Hulera Centroamericana is founded, where the manufacturing of rubber soles and heels begins to replace the use of leather soles and satisfy market demand. Coban Group has had the firm commitment to make them grow, they are a reference for quality and durability in national and international footwear.

Grupo Cobán takes advantage of the declaration of the Central American Common Market and begins its exports to different countries of the Isthmus together with the Dominican Republic and the United States. In 1985 the Rhino brand was registered, which became a national and international benchmark for high-quality work footwear.

Coban begins direct manufacturing of double density footwear.

Coban Group celebrates 100 years of operations. It currently has more than 600 employees, exports to different countries and its Rhino™ brand is a benchmark for quality and durability in National and International Footwear. Coban begins manufacturing for the Wolverine® and Hytest® brand.

We reached the sales mark with 1 million pairs sold. This marks a milestone for the century-old company.

The manufacturing of footwear for España Iturri begins.

Coban Group begins a remodeling plan in its main stores in order to provide a better in-store experience. Launch of the Coban footwear website.

Coban Group inaugurates its first Store, with a new concept for customers to purchase their favorite footwear, in the Metrocentro Shopping Center. Part of its expansion plan Grupo Coban moves its footwear injection equipment to Guatemala City, increasing its capacity to 40,000 pairs per month.

Coban Group begins its own operations in Honduras, with its flagship brand and leader in safety footwear Rhino®

In line with the vision of expansion, its twentieth store is inaugurated in the C.C. Los Altos de Totonicapán, which has a modern concept and design to provide a functional shopping experience so that customers receive the necessary advice to select footwear. This also begins with the expansion of the Coban shoe factory, located in San Cristóbal Verapaz. (Add area size) which will allow the increase in the installed production capacity of 85,000 pairs per month of Good Year Welt construction.

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We believe in people like you, who with perseverance build their own success story every day. We believe in the hands that strive to protect the steps for a better Central America, for that reason we encourage you to improve yourself because we believe that every step of yours matters.

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