Coban Group is a “Full Package” footwear factory with more than 100 years in the industry, it has a competitive advantage by being vertically integrated.

From our tannery we take care of the selection and quality of the leather to comply with international standards in each of the production processes. We produce safety and work boot uppers, the main constructions are Good Year Welt & Flat Lasted, as part of the “Made in USA” programs. We currently manufacture international brands such as Wolverine Boots, Thorogood®, Hytest® and Iturri®.

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24 Calle 20-56 Zona 12 Guatemala, Guatemala
Teléfono+ (502) 2421-6900
San José, Avenida 24 con calle 4, Costa Rica
Teléfono+ (—) —- – —-
Expo Logistic Center, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Teléfono+ (504) 2540-2232
Importaciones Universo
Teléfono+ (507) 233-5869
Km 11.5 Carretera Masaya Costado Sur de Pricesmart
Teléfono+ (505) 2232-2922
Calle primavera 23 avenida Sur Ofibodega
Teléfono+ (503) 2229-7677

We believe in people like you, who with perseverance build their own success story every day. We believe in the hands that strive to protect the steps for a better Central America, for that reason we encourage you to improve yourself because we believe that every step of yours matters.

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